Wonderful World – Post Viewing

Even tho I had my reservations previously about seeing the movie Wonderful World, I did anyway and I must say I was right.

The story is about a man named Ben Singer (Matthew Broderick), who is very negative about life and doesn’t feel it has anything to offer. He voices his opinion on most everything, and goes about criticizing anything and everyone. His overwhelming negativity ends up costing him his relationship with his daughter.

Everything changes however, when he is fired from his job, his roommate from Senegal goes into a diabetic coma and he runs out of money.

He takes it upon himself to fight the system by suing the city for towing his car while he was trying to find a way to get his friend to the hospital. And then when his roommates’ sister Khadi, (Saana Lathan) comes to visit her ailing brother, Ben begins to find some meaning to life while falling for her. She then helps him rebuild his relationship with his daughter and later through visiting Senegal Ben is finally able to see the best life has to offer.

Cheesy to say the least, very tedious to say the most. Director Josh Goldin’s vision from paper to screen didn’t pan out as well as he had expected or hoped for. That is not to say the movie is a must skip, I still think it’s worth seeing it, but you can wait to see it on DVD.

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