It’s Complicated – Post Viewing

It’s Complicated geared towards the overweight, middle aged, divorced and with college kids, faced with the empty nest syndrome and bitter as a result of a sexually challenged lifestyle, is a movie worth seeing only for all the strange reasons.

Reason 1: Being a die hard fan of Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep.

Reason 2: Fitting into any three of the above five categories and needing a good laugh about it.

Reason 3: Seeing on screen that there is hope for anyone to find true happiness in life no matter what the circumstances may be and how jouvenile one can be.

But on a more serious note: There isn’t much to say about the movie except the strange feeling one gets seeing a middle aged couple having “sex” and flaunting their bodies onscreen for a good laugh. I really didn’t know what to make of the movie since most of it of course was pretty predictable to say the least, so I just watched it because of Reason no 1 and left it at that.

I think the movie is just ok and if you don’t have time to see it at the theatre, feel free to wait for it to go on DVD, which will be very shortly no doubt.

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