The Lovely Bones – Movie Review

The movie The Lovely Bones gave me the ultimate chill running up my spine and left me speechless and horrified to say the least.

The story based on the novel by Alice Sebold, and a movie made by director Peter Jackson, is about a 14year old girl brutally murdered at a time in America (1973) where parents and their children were unaware of child abduction and sexual predators. As a result, the murder of Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) from Noristown Pennsylvania left a family tormented (Mark Wahlbeg and Rachel Weisz), a neighborhood devastated and the police scratching their heads.

The only way the audience understood what had happened was by hearing the dead teenager herself narrate the story throughout the entire film. It was haunting and left most of us on the edge of our seats as we felt her agony and despair.

The movie in my opinion was well directed and very affective. Glimpses into the life in-between were beautifully detailed, creatively orchestrated and timely paced between all the gruesome scenes, just so the viewer could get a breath in edge wise.

Here is the downside to the movie, Wahlberg, Weisz and Stanley Tucci did not perform as well as I had hoped. I was expecting more from all of them. I didn’t feel Wahlberg and Weisz as the parents and as for Stanley Tucci, who is a soft spoken actor, he did not fit the role of a sexual predator and a murderer.

My opinion, see the movie if you can stomach it, it is worth watching young Saoirse Ronan’s performance.

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