The Road – Post Viewing

Too bad for Viggo Mortensen, the movie The Road, is by far one of the worst movies I have seen in 2010. Not sure where John Hillcoat (director) wanted to go with the film but he never got there in my opinion.

I am not one who really like wasting time and I particularly don’t like when a movie wastes my time. The Road made no sense, had no strong story to tell, had choppy scenes and a disappointing ending.

Several questions came to mind while trying to stay alert during the film and I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to list them here, just for fun sake.

Question 1: What happened to the planet?

Question 2: How did civilization get there?

Question 3: What happened to the people eaters?

Question 4: Why bother showing yourself to the one people eater taking a leak?

Question 5: Why ask a man to remove all his clothes and stand naked, what was the point?

Questions6: How on earth or lack thereof was the family going to save the little boy?

Question 7: Why was this movie made?

Anyway, don’t waste your time or money seeing this movie ever. If you must because you are a Viggo fan, then don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you happen to be Charlize Theron fan, believe me this is not one of her best work.

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