The Boys Are Back – Movie Review

It has taken me a while to see the movie The Boys Are Back with my all time favorite actor Clive Owen, because due to the limited engagement and distribution, the movie wasn’t available for my viewing pleasure. I also wasn’t able to see it at the Mill Valley Film Festival because it was sold out mostly to benefactors and other priority guests.

Finally, I saw it because it made it to a small and dingy indie film theatre in San Francisco and all I have to say is, quelle magnifique!

The story, so beautifully written and touching in every way is about a widower who learns to grow with his children in the most peculiar way and along the path discovers that in life what counts the most are those people who bring meaning to it. The role of the widower, played by Clive Owen, was most challenging in that raising his two boys while grieving for his wife not only had it’s ups and downs but also despair and chaos. He had decisions to make and choices to administer while maintaining tranquility.

I appreciated Joe Warr’s (Clive Owen) genuine character and naivete, it was most endearing and unusually charming to say the least. Clive Owen’s portrayal of Joe Warr, was most touching and added to his list of quality performances. The sad part of it all is that he is not nominated for best actor, for any of the upcoming awards.

I can go on about the movie but I don’t want to lose your attention, so please rent it or try to make it to an indie film theatre in your neighborhood to see it. It is worth every penny.

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