An Education – Movie Review

A brilliant story and a memorable film quickly come to mind when describing the movie An Education. The story of a 16year old bright and talented student, on her way to Oxford during the 60’s, who gambles her rightful future for the sake of marrying a much older man in order to travel the world and frequent jazz clubs. But what she discovers in her quest for fast forwarding her life, is much more than she bargains for and hence is the one who losses it all or does she?

This British film labeled as a coming of age drama is directed by Lone Scherfig and based on the memoirs of Lynn Berber. The 16year old Jenny (Carey Mulligan) and her lover David (Peter Sarsgaard) portray their roles in the most natural and believable fashion and as noted Mulligan is up for best actress award category at the Golden Globes 2010 and has won numerous previous awards for her performance in An Education.

The movie is no doubt exceptional and the message clear, but the only downside in my opinion is that Jenny was given a chance to redeem herself in the end. Not sure if that route truly sends the right message to other young girls eager to jump start their lives. But I guess I won’t read too much into it and accept the story as is. I guess everyone deserve a second chance whether or not they learn from their mistakes.

Go see the movie if it is playing in your city or rent it otherwise, it is definitely a must see.

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