Hurt Locker vs Avatar???

The Producers Guild Award for best film went to Hurt Locker on Monday 1/25/10 and of course the buzz is that perhaps Avatar is no longer a sure thing for the Oscar and may have something to worry about.

You know, although I loved the movie Avatar and appreciated James Cameron’s work, I do also think it is not THE best movie of 2009. Sometimes I suppose we confuse IN DEMAND with THE BEST and vote accordingly or even get caught up in the moment.

I am keeping up with the awards and feel that if I have to review and choose the best film for the Oscars, I would also need to pause and take a moment. It has been a pretty good year for quality films and I am surprised there was actually a worthy list of films to consider but if I had to choose THE BEST, I would say NOT Avatar. I would also say each film stood out in it’s own way and to put one up against the other to choose the best won’t be a fair thing to do for 2009.

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