Everybody’s Fine – Movie Review

What’s there to say about the movie Everybody’s Fine except, oh how sad. The movie about a man, (Robert DeNiro) who decides he needs to visit his children via a road trip on Greyhound and Amtrak, after all of them flaked on a family reunion post the death of their mother and his wife.

While visiting his children he realizes that each one has troubles of their own and seem to be hiding something from him. On the journey to discovering his children’s troubled lives, he reminisces about their childhood and tries to make sense of what got them all to the places they are currently at. It’s all sad and depressing to watch but what makes it all worth while is DeNiro’s ability to shines in the role of the ailing senior citizen coping with the realities of family life. He practically carries the fate of the entire film on his shoulders and seems an intimidating figure for the rest of the cast.

The trouble with the film, distributed by Miramax and directed by Kirk Jones, is the editing. This part of the film making process is crucial to timely get the message across and transition in a clear and coherent manner and if not done right, the entire film goes a flop. Everybody’s Fine had major editing problems and as a result was not as affective as envisioned by the team who put the film together.

I hate to say it but the movie is a pass unless you are a diehard DeNiro fan.

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