Cold Souls – Movie Review

I watched Cold Souls the other night and was just flabbergasted with the story line. It’s funny the movie could be boring but for some odd reason it wasn’t.

The story revolves around a person’s soul and how one either can get rid of it, change it and I am certain sell it on the black market. It is meant for a person to free oneself of his character flaws or perhaps gifts and try something different. Paul Giamatti was the main character in the movie playing himself and while he prepared for a play, he realized he just wasn’t bonding with his character, so he opted to remove his soul and try to function soulless to see if that helped.

But after realizing soulless wasn’t working, he opted for an artist’s soul to see if that helps him get in the groove of things, but that also didn’t work for him and therefore he was ultimately matched with a soul of a depressed woman. When he discovered how sad her soul was, he wanted to return it and get his back, but only to find out his soul was sold to a Russian mob.

I was completely engrossed in the film and wanted to desperately understand the metaphor, but after watching it and not relating to the message, I walked away feeling empty. As a result of my review, I really can’t say if I recommend this movie or not, but if you are an indie film fanatic, then by all means check this movie out. It won’t hurt.

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