Valentine’s Day – Movie Review

Highly anticipated and much publicized movie from Garry Marshall, Valentine’s Day, opened on 2/12/10 and quickly climbed the charts to the number one spot at the box office by Sunday 2/14/10. Not paying attention to any cliche, I also went to see the movie just because I enjoy Garry Mashall’s work and feel his cheesy take on romance is most entertaining.

Without a doubt, with Valentine’s Day I was once more amused and entertained, I found myself giggling like a school girl as I reminisced of my high school days and crushes gone past, I laughed at the timely punch lines and shed a few tears especially toward the end. The movie fulfilled all of the usual expectations for a Valentine’s Day plot(s) and a little bit more and although the stories were pretty predictable, the seamless transition from one story to the other made it all worth while.

Most memorable and unpredictable story was the one with Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper. Most entertaining was Anne Hathaway’s creative character. Most amusing was Taylor Swift, who did her part to keep the stories rolling. Garry Marshall did an amazing job of touching up on all topics pertaining to the matters of the heart and creatively intertwining the stories so that they all fit with ease and perfection.

I do recommend this movie for anyone and everyone.

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