Shutter Island – Movie Review

If you are able to figure out the plot in a movie from the first few minutes, then what is the surprise in the end? This is a question most moviegoers ask themselves when they see a movie with a poor beginning. Well at least I do.

That is what I felt when I began watching Shutter Island. The long awaited film from Scorsese and DiCaprio. But then as the story unfolded and my prediction became more evident, I found that as it got closer to the end, the storyline took a detour and ended with a bang. I loved it, this is how a story (mystery) should be told.

I normally don’t question Leonardo DiCaprio’s work, nor second guess too much Scorsese choice of film, but even though I liked the movie and found it pretty entertaining, I didn’t really care too much for this particular project from the two of them.

I do want to clarify however, that I do recommend the movie, but also warn you that it can be a little bit boring and confusing if you don’t pay too much attention to the entire dialogue. I think Scorsese could have skipped the first twenty minutes of the story, just so we could get to the point faster, but then the messages are so strategically infused throughout the entire film that if he had deleted the first twenty minutes, those of us who don’t read between the lines, wouldn’t be able to unfold the mystery and thus walk away unsatisfied with the entire experience.

So, bottom line is, see it for what it’s worth and then forget about it. I also think this film is best seen onscreen rather than on DVD.

One reply to “Shutter Island – Movie Review

  1. I agree, the first few minutes of the movie were heavy and slow but I was glad I fought it and stayed focus trying to see if I could guess what the next move would be for the main character (I usually hit it on the nail) but this time I honestly could not figure it out. It was refreshing to see that I could get fooled by the story and for that I give it two thumbs up!! I must say that I did not think the acting was great (actors seemed to be outside of their comfort zone) but the plot was superb.

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