Tetro – Movie Review

Tetro, a film by Frances Ford Copolla, should be labeled as a work of art, a film maker’s masterpiece. It is visually one of the most beautiful movies made in 2009. I can only say that after a chain of bad movies that I have seen lately, it was very refreshing to see something so wonderful on film.

Copolla’s creativity is evident throughout the entire movie. From the carefully orchestrated sound effects and lighting techniques, to the dark and dramatic scenes of life in Buenos Aires, he used black and white images with bursts of color plotted throughout, to tell the story of two brothers budding heads over their relationship with their father as well as their upbringing.

The most difficult part was the dialogue, shifting between English and Spanish, which was necessary from a director’s point of view to remind the viewer of where the story came from, but it may have hurt the project due to today’s film goer’s expectation regarding film interpretation.

Nonetheless, Copolla’s new approach to film making worked in my opinion because it was reminiscent of the classic films so graciously referred to as film noir.

The movie is magnificent, amazing, beautiful and definitely a must see for anyone of legal age.

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