The Academy Award Wrap Up

Although the winners were predictable and the event pretty standard, I enjoyed it immensely because of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin playing host at this years Academy Award Ceremony, held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. I also think that the show was on a tight schedule and was able to wrap up by 9:00 PST. The only shocker for me was the foreign film category where they gave the Oscar to Argentine film “The Secret In Their Eyes”, I was expecting The White Ribbon to take the Oscar home for Austria/Germany.

Anyway, it was a good and solid show, not too many mis-haps, I was impressed that Jeff Bridges was able to remain focused while giving his speech. Sean Penn was given the honor of presenting for Best Actress in a Motion Picture category and for some reason his speech made absolutely no sense. The highlight of the evening for me was when five actors who have worked with the Best Actor/Actress nominees come to the stage and introduce them. I believe they are able to say what they want to say and maybe it is not scripted. Rehearsed for sure but not scripted.

The weather seemed to cooperate but I did see alot of frazzled hair, not sure if that was the style for the evening or just a mess. I figured once the actresses were inside, their stylists would clean them up, but as they approached the stage and presented, they had the same frazzled hair. As for overall fashion sense and who looked best and worst in their gowns please click here to get my overall evaluation.

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