Green Zone – Film Review

I don’t know about anyone else but I am getting tired of movies made about Iraq and the U.S. stand on that particular region in the world. I understand there is a certain amount of interest in war movies but I just feel that each and every one being made in the past three to four years is a carbon copy of one another with merely different actors.

The generic story goes like this, War in the Middle East, Troops In the Middle East, America in The Middle East – The Good Side and The Bad Side. Soldiers rebelling and discovering and exposing what “AMERICA” is doing wrong and in the end, nothing gets resolved and the cover up continues and the audience is more frustrated than before watching the film and hence a new film is born.

This is what I can say about Green Zone as well. I have seen a handful of this particular Genre and I will say, Green Zone may be the last I see unless someone comes up with a new and improved region to ponder over. Here is the thing, film makers, beating a dead horse only splatters more blood and nothing more. We have tapped out on Iraq and the stories are no longer necessary to tell. No matter which side you are on or which version you want to expose. We get it and now let’s move on.

I say pass Green Zone unless you appreciate Matt Damon and/or director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Franchise), but believe me Green Zone is neither one’s best work. They should have made another Bourne movie in my opinion.

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