Alice In Wonderland – Movie Review

When I saw the original Alice In Wonderland several decades ago, I actually didn’t like the movie or the story for that matter. I couldn’t relate to it I suppose, don’t ask me why. But because of Tim Burton, I decided I had to see his version no matter how much I didn’t like Alice or her Wonderland.

To my surprise or lets just say lack of research on purpose, I had no idea this version was the continuation of Alice’s life as an adult. So from the first two minutes into the film, I was captivated and completely intrigued by the story and even fell inlove with Alice. I found it fascinating to say the least and entertaining to say the most. The new twist was most refreshing, because we get to see the curious little girl who falls through a hole years ago, is all grown up into a beautiful young woman, who doesn’t realize her destiny or true calling until her return to Wonderland.

I loved the way Burton told the story and utilized each character from Wonderland past to incorporate into and develop a plot and plan of action. Of course 3D was the right choice for this film and the beauty of it was surreal. I loved the costumes, the scenery and the humor with which the events unfolded as well.

Without giving away too much, I also appreciated the Mad Hatter’s (Johnny Depp’s character) crush on Alice and their overall connection. It truly was the “piece de resistance” in my opinion. I do recommend this movie for mostly the female gender of all ages. I am certain we can all relate to it one way or another.

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