Abbie Cornish – Young Actress In Review

Although Abbie Cornish has been making movies since 1999 in Australia, she was introduced to the U.S. with the film A Good Year in 2006 starring Russell Crowe and Marion Cottilard.

I can honestly say, her performance in A Good Year was flat and boring and I didn’t think she was the right person for the part. Perhaps it was her first U.S. film and she was a bit intimated, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt no less.

But after seeing her performance in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Stop Loss and Bright Star, I have yet to be impressed with her work. She currently has a role in the upcoming film Legend Of The Guardian, which opens Sept 2010 and three movies scheduled for production in 2011. The Sucker Punch, W.E. and The Dark Fields.

I do not see the drive in her eyes to strive for more, she often seems comfortable and content with her mediocre work. I am hopeful however, from the upcoming roles she can develop more experience and eventually the passion and drive to become a gifted “upcoming” actor with quality work under her belt.

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