Multiple Sarcasms – 5/7/2010

This is a movie that has definitely captured my attention for more ways than one. It’s the story of Gabriel Richmond (Timothy Hutton), a talented architect, who seems to have it all. A wife, a daughter and friends and money. Yet,deep down inside he realizes that he is not happy. So as a result he often bails on work in order to frequent movie theaters and escape from the realities of his life by relating to the fictional characters on screen.

Finally, one day he decides to quit his job and write a play loosely based on his own life. Through the play, as he examines all the individuals in his life and the influence they have had on it, he makes some unpleasant discoveries that have shaped and molded him as a person thus far. He finds that he doesn’t like that but has no idea how to change it.

So he becomes obsessed by his play, rewriting it in an effort to perfect his own real life, but because of his craze, he ends up neglecting his marriage and friends, ultimately leading to a change of course in his real world, where we are not yet sure if its for the best.

Wow! I like the synopsis and I must say it is worth taking a look at especially for those experiencing midlife crisis. The cast (Mira Sorvino, Dana Delaney, Stockard Channing) other than Timothy Hutton does not impress me but the story for sure does. So stay tuned until I can provide you with my review post viewing.

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