After Life – Opens 4/9/2010

Although the movie After Life is not my favorite genre (psychological thriller) or subject matter in film, I decided to write about it because based on the synopsis as well as the trailer. I find writer/director Agniezka Vosloo work to be very creative and intense and worth an honorable mention for all teh psych thriller fans.

The story is about Anna (Christina Ricci) who, after a horrific car accident, wakes up in a funeral home to find the funeral director Eliot Deacon (Liam Neeson) preparing her body for burial.

Although she believes she is not yet dead, she is reassured otherwise by the Funeral director and is forced to believe her body is merely in transition to the afterlife. Anna, realizing she is unable to leave the funeral home and is at the mercy of Eliot Decon, has no alternative by to succume to his work. Meanwhile, her devastated boyfriend, Paul(Justin Long) who, having to deal with the funeral arrangements, develops his own suspicions of Eliot and as the funeral nears, begins to unlock the truth about Eliot Deacon and his funeral home.

Chilling and disturbing is all I can think of. I often wonder what would happen to a person who is in a position like that, when they seem dead but aren’t and someone else is pushing the buttons to their mortality. Anyway, this movie opens with limited engagement so check your local listing to see if it’s showing in your area and by all means feel free to drop me a line with your review. I do not plan to see this movie because I cannot stomach the storyline.

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