She Is Out Of My League – Movie Review

Now here is a movie I never expected to see, but after a long and strenuous week, I figured I needed to check my brain at the door and go inside the theatre to get a few good laughs without worrying about the quality of the movie.

To my surprise I was completely entertained and felt the level of humor in the movie was as good as The Hangover and the storyline a more youthful version of The 40 Year Old Virgin. I did laugh and laugh and then laughed some more and walked out at the end of the movie feeling pretty good. All the stress from the long week seemed to have disappeared and the movie in my opinion did it’s job for me.

Just in case you are wondering, the story is about a geeky TSA agent, YES finally a movie about TSA agents, who accidentally meets the “perfect 10,” but because of his insecurities, he is unable to cope with the fact she truly wants to be with him. So the story unfolds with a humorous adventure of getting the geeky TSA agent (Jay Brushell – the next Adam Sandler) to follow his friend’s advise and do everything possible to captivate the perfect 10. Little does he know, that the key to her heart is him simply being himself.

I recommend waiting to rent the movie when it comes out, unless you are in dire need of a good laugh. But remember to watch it just for the laughs and nothing more.

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