Jennifer Aniston To Direct

Jennifer Aniston wants to direct in the very near future. According to she feels that she has done plenty of movies and now it is time for her to consider directing movies.

I am not sure how I feel about the news, because in my opinion there are actors and there are directors. I know in the past alot of actors switched over to directing and on some level a few succeeded where others have failed. So, I suppose then, there comes a point in your film career where you feel you are better fit behind the camera rather than in front.

However, in Jennifer Aniston’s case, I strongly feel she is best in front of the camera rather than behind. The most she should consider is producing films. She is a symbol of true beauty and some “sensual” elegance and I don’t want to see her go away and become the next Carrie Fisher or Penny Marshall. So if my two cents worth mean anything, Aniston stay where you are and continue to give some of us the drive to look as good as you in most anything we try to do.

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