How To Train Your Dragon Sequel for 2013

Dreamworks Animation has announced today, that they plan to make a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon with a release date of 2013.

Here is my opinion about the decision. Although I am a huge fan of the movie, I do not see a reason for a sequel in this particular case, especially one that is slotted for release in three years. Alot will happen between now and 2013 and most will have forgotten the first movie by then and therefore the film released in 2013 will end up on DVD or Blue Ray or Green Ray (whatever the new disc will be called by then) faster than the studio could ever pay back the loan.

The reason is because with an audience attention span of thirty minutes or less, a studio needs to come up with a sequel that will not only blow them out of the water but must be available for viewing within a two years time frame or less, otherwise let the movie be a one hit wonder.

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