Comic-Con and San Diego

Tapping into my travel passion, here is a bid of news about maintaining a crucial link within the entertainment industry used to market travel and tourism for San Diego California.

Apparently by 2012 hosting the Comic-Con event contract will expire for San Diego. In an effort to keep this particular pop culture tourism “magnet”, San Diego is offering organizers $500,000 in hotel tax revenue to keep the event in the city. It seems the worldwide publicity from the Comic-Con event benefits the city as a tourist destination and keeping it in San Diego would be most beneficial for the city.

Anaheim and Los Angeles are also in the running to bid for the 2013-2015 slot to host the event and acquire the business of 126,000 attendees.

I say keep Comic-Con in San Diego. Anaheim has Disney and Los Angeles is saturated with the awards and various film festival events to boost their economy.

I would love to hear from you on this subject matter. Should San Diego be able to continue to host the Comic-Con event?

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