The Town – Movie Review

I had to see The Town for many reasons. One, heard nothing but good things about the film. Two, I am sure Ben Affleck will be nominated for best director category and wanted to see his work. Three, The talented Jeremy Renner as well as Jon Hamm outside of Mad Men. And I must say I wasn’t disappointed.

The film is about four boys who grew up with the life of crime, which apparently was passed down from generation to generation, and as adults became professional robbers around a small town in Boston. What ends up happening is during one of the bank robberies, Ben Affleck’s character (Doug) falls for the bank manager and in order to protect her from what is about to happen in the branch, he takes her as a hostage.

Afterwards, his partner and best friend, James (Jeremy Renner) suggests they off the girl after discovering from her driver’s license that she lived in the same neighborhood they did and would be able to eventually recognize and point them out to the cops. Doug, fearing for the girls safety, volunteers to handle matters with her, but as predicted, ends up dating and falling in love with the girl, Claire (Rebecca Hall).

Meanwhile, a street wise FBI agent by the name of Adam Frawley (Jon Hamm) is hot on their tale and will do anything to get the guys, including using Claire and turning sister (Blake Lively) against her brother, James.

Through all the struggles, Doug decides he wanted out in order to get a fresh start with Claire and after making plans to leave with her to Florida, he is threatened by the mob who owned him and questioned by his friend about his loyalty to the team.  He tries to fight the mob but after finding out Claire had turned against him and was working with the FBI, he succumbs to the life of crime, until….

Bravo, Ben Affleck, you have outdone yourself with the film. It is everything I expected it to be and a little more. I usually get tired of movies about the mob, Boston, corruption and everything revolving around stories from that state, but I must say this one was original, unique, well written with very few boring parts and although the acting was mediocre, the message was clearly relayed and the impact on the audience surely made.

I highly recommend the film and for sure expect best director nominations during the award season. Go see it. This film is intended for women as well as men.

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