Passengers – Film Review

Available on rental and ON DEMAND in the U.S. is the film PASSENGERS, directed by Rodrigo Garcia, and starring Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson.

Although the film was released in 2008-09, I actually had no intention on seeing it because I don’t really like films about plane crashes and Anne Hathaway being involved in a series role. But being a fan of hers, I finally decided I had to see it no matter what the story was about.

The story is about a grief counselor named Claire (Hathaway) who is brought in to work with survivors of a plane crash. Along the way she falls for one of the victims named Eric (Wilson) and begins to question her ethics when she mixes her personal and professional life. Meanwhile, as she tries to meet with the victims and help each one find a way to cope, she discovers that after their healing process, they go missing.  Unable to determine if the crash was a conspiracy, she sets out to investigate the chain of events and along the way makes the most horrifying discovery.

I loved the film and I know it didn’t really get good reviews, but who cares. I highly recommend it and folks stay on the edge of your seats because the ending will blow you out of the water for sure.

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