Green Hornet – First Look

I was a comic book fanatic at one point in my life and often times find myself amazed at the number of films being made in this particular genre. But I know there is an audience and frankly putting film to what we have all grown up to know as comic books is occasionally interesting.

With that said, I think the Green Hornet is one of those films I am eager to see. The story is based on the comic books from  the 1940’s and is about a newspaper publisher named Britt Reid, who goes out at night in his mask to fight crime as a vigalante. He has a side kick named Kato, who drives their car equiped with advanced technology and take on the mob.

The reason I am interested in seeing the Green Hornet is because he is one superhero, who doesn’t posses super powers. In fact, he goes out to fight crime with a gun that sprays knock out gas. So, I want to see how this film will pan out in today’s craze with special effects, super powers, film magic and 3D.

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