The Last Station – Film Review

The film The Last Station came out in 2009 and was most definitely on my list of films to see that year or in 2010. I read the book War and Peace and was familiar with Tolstoy’s work but outside of that I was more interested in watching Christopher Plummer’s portrayal of Tolstoy and Helen Mirren’s as Sofya (his wife) as well as one of my favorite actors, James McAvoy as Valentin Bulgakov.

The film didn’t really last long enough in theatres for me to get a chance to see it there. So I had to wait for the DVD release in order to see it and so it was.

I must say that I am disappointed in the fact, Christopher Plummer, nor Helen Mirren got an Oscar or a Golden Globe for their performance, but I do want to thank them for their best performance thus far in a very challenging role and subject matter.

The story is based around Leo and Sofya Tolstoy’s last days together in their home and the challenges they were faced with in dealing with their relationship, his legacy and teachings as well as the interests of third party investors in his work. The film expressed the story in bits and pieces but was able to relay the message to the audience. The costume and scenery was most admirable and the acting superb from all parties involved.

I highly recommend the DVD rental and even tho most people shy away from historical or period films in this day of 3D craze, I do want to suggest this film for the more mature audience interested in quality film making and story telling.

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