No Strings Attached – Film Review

What can I say, except I give every film a chance, silly or not, and that was the case for choosing to see No Strings Attached (which by the way is the number 1 movie right now in the U.S.). The only thing I can honestly say is that – was I like that in my mid twenties?

The film, silly as it may be, is actually a very good interpretation of today’s kids in America and I am sure in most other places around the globe. The story is about a boy chasing a girl who only wants to have sex with him because she has trouble showing or feeling emotions. The only “brief” explanation of her behavior is the fact her father passed away and she apparently – not clearly defined – has had trouble since his death, coping with life. I didn’t get that from where I was sitting because  I assumed she was like that since she was a child, which is exactly what is relayed to us in the beginning of the film. Technically, the writers (Elizabeth Meriwether, Simon and Michael Semonek)   and the director (Ivan Reitman) had trouble tying up lose ends when depicting the story on film.

In addition, this film is not the usual genre Portman is used to and it shows. It was clearly out of her realm but she did her best to keep up with Ashton Kutcher’s cookie cutter acting skills. But for some odd reason they were lovable together. So I guess it worked and I laughed a few times.

Overall, this film is definitely a hit with the 32 and under crowd, outside of that age group, it can get under your skin.  So wait for rental unless you desperately need a night out at the movies. Oh and by the way, it is rated R and I don’t recommend the film for kids under 17 no matter how open minded some parents can be.

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