Raising Victor Vargas – Film Rental Suggestion

Once in a while it is really nice to be able to flip through Comcast on Demand on come across a film which leaves you feeling, for a lack of better word, amazing. That is what I have to say about the movie, Raising Victor Vargas (2003).

Released in 2003 and introduced at the Sundance Film Festival 2002 and The Cannes Film Festival – Un Certain Regard category in 2002, Raising Victor Vargas is the story of three teenage siblings, living in the lower East side of New York with their grandmother. The older brother Victor, idolized by his younger brother and despised by his younger sister, is the focal point of the story.  While trying to be responsible for his siblings and coping with his grandmother’s demands of being a good role model for the family, he is also trying to win the heart of a girl named Judy from his neighborhood.

Meanwhile his younger brother and sister, torn between their grandmother and older brother’s constant battle, try to find ways to explore their own personal interest.

This documentary style of film, directed by Peter Sollett, used real life family members with their real names to portray the characters in the movie. It was actually refreshing to see this film since 2010-2011 hasn’t (so far) been a good year for movies.

I highly recommend the film for  families over the age of 14. Rent it or Comcast on Demand it (USA).

The actors in the film used their own names

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