Jude – Film Review

While in search of quality film, I often turn to the web and Comcast On Demand (US) hoping something would stand out enough to take me away from the modern day remakes and 3Ds and often times, I do find a film worth mentioning or recommending to my readers.

In recent days I saw Jude (1996) on Comcast On Demand and because of the impact the film left on me, I had to take a few days to reflect and be able to give a fair analysis of the movie. So here it goes.

Jude was made in 1996 and is based on a story written by Hossein Amini and Thomas Hardy, directed by Michael Winterbottom and stars Kate Winslet and Christopher Eccelston. The story, based on a  novel by Tom Hardy, is about a man name Jude (Christopher Eccelston)  who (in my opinion), obsessed with his cousin Sue  (Kate Winslet)is willing to do anything to be with her.

Although both of them are trapped in loveless marriages, they continue to flirt with the idea of being with one another until they reach a point, where they can no longer fight their mutual attraction for one another. They opt to leave their partners in pursuit of a life together. In the midst of their decision, Jude’s wife, Arabella (Rachel Griffiths) decides to leave their son with Jude and Sue as she is no longer able to take care of him. Meanwhile, Sue gets pregnant and has a child of her own and before they are able to get established in a town just outside of London to begin their lives together, Sue is pregnant once again.

Since this film is set in (probably) early 19th century (not clearly defined), most of the people in the town they try to establish their life in, turn their backs on their lifestyles. Unmarried cousins, with three children. Jude and Sue travel from town to town in hopes to make a brand new start and once the towns people discover their “secret” they once again, turn their back on the family by asking them to leave.

The impact the their lifestyle as well as their choices takes a toll on the older boy and while the parents are out one morning trying to find a jobs in another town, the little boy commits the most horrible act imaginable which pretty much takes away from the couples attempt to build a life together. (I will stop here)

First of all I do want to state, the film is a bit slow, but I believe since currently we seem to lack creativity in film making, it is refreshing to see a solid piece of work. Also, although the film was made in 1996, you are actually able to appreciate young Kate Winslett’s early acting skills which have led her to her Oscar winning performance a decade later.

Since the film is currently available on Comcast on Demand (US) please consider seeing it, otherwise, put it on the list of films to order from Netflix and other movie rental agencies throughout the world.

For a more detailed synopsis of film, please click here

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