Marion Cotillard – Possible Cast in The Dark Night Rises

Of course there is always speculation and rumors and talk about who will be cast in the next film of said director and so on. That is what makes the industry so exciting, at least to me. I find the chase more fun than the actual outcome of a film. Unless of course the end result is out of this world. 
In light of this thought, apparently there is talk Marion Cotillard is being considered as a love interest for the next Dark Night film by Christopher Nolan. That would be fine, I suppose if there really is a need for another Dark Night film. I know sometimes it’s difficult for actors to choose the right role and other times the roles are far and too few, I get it, but I for some strange reason hope she chooses to be too busy to sign up for the film. Cotillard is a talented actor, who in my opinion, should be careful in choosing the right roles for her in order to maintain her status in the industry. 
Other actors being considered for the role are Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts and apparently the scheduling is the  conflict in deciding on the right actor. If it were left up to me I would choose Naomi Watts for the part and leave the most talented actors out of the running for this project. 

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