Unknown – Film Review

Earlier last week, I was wondering  here, how Liam Neeson is still able to bring in an audience to see his films. And now, after seeing Unknown, I am more confused than ever about how he does it.

By far, Unknown is the worst film I have seen in 2011 (so far). I am not sure how it ranked no 1 at the box office, other than the fact there was nothing else to see the same opening weekend.

While I was watching the film, I actually found myself fidgeting in my seat and constantly looking at my watch.  From the 107 minutes of film, 100 minutes of it was boring and downright stupid. First of all, the film was a poor rendition of Bourne Identity, in my opinion, with an ensemble of robotic actors (Diane Kruger, Frank Langella, January Jones, Liam Neeson and more) who did nothing to make it worth while. As if that were not enough, the poor screenplay and senseless and untimely special effects contributed to the demise (for a lack of better word) of the overall picture.

So, I still ask, how was this film a hit and what do people expect to see when they opt to see a Liam Neeson film?  One of these days I will find my answer.

Anyway, skip it, if you haven’t see it so far. It really isn’t worth the time and the $, well maybe for a buck at the Red Box DVD Rental in the U.S.

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