Drew Barrymore In Director’s Chair For – How To Be Single

How To Be Single is based on a book written in 2008 by Liz Tuccillo about a woman who explores the complications of relationships and being in one. Drew Barrymore is a young woman, having a difficult time finding Mr. Right so the match, in this case, was made in heaven (excuse the punt).

Anyway, this isn’t really the first time Drew has been involved in a Liz Tuccillo related writings to film project. The other being “He’s Just Not That In To You, where Tuccillo helped pen the book and Barrymore portrayed a down on her luck Mary in the film. I figured I just throw that in there, just in case anyone is interested in the trivia for future board game nights with friends.

Well I always say, being productive as you work through your issues in life is better than sitting around and popping pills. No, seriously I am happy this project is on the way and helmed by Barrymore. Stay tuned!!!

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