Tribeca Film Festival – Edward Burns – A Tribeca Icon

I must admit I am a fan of a handful of directors and appreciate their work, not so much for all the special effects they use, but rather the quality of the work they produce in film.

One director (also an actor and a writer), who I have followed and admired from the beginning of his career in mid 90’s, is, the talented Edward Burns. In my opinion, I can honestly say, he is the Woody Allen of my generation and an iconic symbol of  The Tribeca Film Festival.

As a result, while I pick through the list of films scheduled for showing at the festival, I couldn’t help but include Burn’s new film, Newlyweds, as a choice film to see. Because, as always, his traditional film making technique is very refreshing to watch and a wonderful escape from all the  3D and sci-fi craze.

Just to fill you in on the synopsis: When you get married, you’re not just getting a husband or wife-you get the family, the friends, even the exes. With crackling humor and sharp insights into modern relationships, write/director Edward Burns tracks a newly wedded couple whose honeymoon period is upended by the arrival of the husband’s wild-child baby sister and the crumbling marriage of the wife’s meddlesome sister.  Burns, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Max Baker, Marsha Dietlein Bennette and Kerry Bishe star (Tribeca Film Festival Website)

Newlyweds is scheduled for showing closing night at the Tribeca Film Festival here.

For information on all films made by Burns, please click here.

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