Source Code – Film Review

I went in to see the film Source Code blindly. Mind you, it was on my list of films to see, but I  decided I didn’t want to know anything about it beforehand. Call it an experiment or a blinded test and I gotta say, it was refreshing not knowing what I was getting myself into.  Not knowing eliminated a pre-set critical mind and allowed me to see the film clearly  (if that makes sense at all?) Anyway:

The story is about a government run (I think) program which “tries” to utilize dead soldier’s minds, which remain active for 8 minutes after they die, to investigate a terror attack in the most unusual way. Investigating it while it’s happening, after it happened in order to detour future attacks. Bizarre! I would say so, but it kept me on the edge of my seat long enough to stay tuned until the very end.  Did I appreciate using soldiers as guinea pigs, I would have to say – not at all.

But director, Duncan Jones along with writer Ben Ripley took a chance on the film and for some odd and creative way it worked out well enough. Whether it left a bad taste in your mouth or not  is another issue all together.

The best part of the film: is of course the fact that it is very creative and pretty original. From how the story unfolds  through time travel, while the investigation takes place, to the very end of discovery about the soldier and the outcome of the entire project. I don’t recall a film similar to this from years gone by, unless of course I missed something through film history.  (Please feel free to remind me)

The worst part of the film is watching the actors (Jake Gylenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga) pretend to act. The other was the special effects which were not convincing enough, considering the subject matter at hand.  Two major factors, Jones missed which may have border lined his investment.

Either way, I do recommend seeing it. However, it is a type of film you can actually wait for a rental instead of seeing it in a movie theatre for the price of an entire family dinner.

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  1. Ok… I must admit that the beginning was a little slow for me, but then as the movie progressed I understood there was perhaps no other way it could have started. The movie got better by the scene and you'll understand why when you watch it. Anyway, it was a good entertaining hour and a half and the story was pretty well explained. I liked it, and recommend it.

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