The Great Gatspy – Remake Casting Details

The Original The Great Gatspy Cast – 1974

I really have a difficult time accepting certain classic film remakes. The Great Gatspy is one of the movies I wish they would just leave it alone. But, the wheels are in motion and the cast pretty set in stone, so there is no turning back. Oh but wait, this is Hollywood after all and anything is possible. One can only hope, in this case.

But, in all fairness, the project team for GG2 has put together a pretty solid cast and the finalists (as of Apr 2011) are:

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatspy (originally played by Robert Redford)
Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan (originally played by Mia Farrow)
Toby Maquire as Nick Callaway (originally played by Sam Waterston)
Ben Affleck as Tom Buchanan (originally played by Bruce Dern)

Let me ponder over this list while I envision the casting dynamics of the young actors, who, in my opinion have some big shoes to fill.

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