A Night With Clive Owen – Palace of Fine Arts – San Francisco

Again, I honestly cannot go a week without talking about Clive Owen, sorry. He is a talented actor, who I hope to one day make a film with, but  I do understand that is my dream of course and not yours. However, I would like to share my latest Clive Owen related story.

On the 17th of April, Clive Owen was scheduled to be “in conversation” with Tabitha Soren, an ex MTV reporter who I believe resides in the San Francisco bay area. Since Clive Owen is or perhaps was by now in San Francisco since 28th of February, shooting a film with Nicole Kidman about Hemingway’s relationship with Martha Gellhorn, it all made sense. I mean to schedule an interview of some sort in the city by the bay. Of course that meant I had to go to it.

So on the very date, I dragged a friend and went to see Clive Owen in conversation with Tabitha Soren. The prelude to the conversation, of course as usual, was showing clips of the actor’s best from the movies he made over the years. The audience clapped and cheered and the mood was set for all of us “fans” to welcome Clive to the stage. Perfect so far, I thought.

Clive and Tabitha walked quickly to their seats and after the warm welcome applause from the audience, she immediately jumped into questions. She seemed very nervous and I suppose rightfully so, he is a handsome man after all, but from the moment she opened her mouth to the very end of the interview or conversation, I was completely appalled at her style and abrasive manner. Based on all the whispers, I wasn’t the only one turned off by her style. Anyway

Occasionally we were all distracted by the fact, his microphone/headpiece kept falling off, making everyone around uncomfortable. I felt, there could have been a better way to amplify the conversation, perhaps a clip style or an actual microphone, but no we had to watch the poor man struggle with the headpiece throughout the entire evening. That wasn’t enough, he had to also lean towards Tabitha in order to hear her speak. The chairs were set too far apart for a one on one conversation on a stage, making it difficult to hear clearly.    Let’s chalk this part  up to technicalities shall we, but, wait, I say…

Her set of idiotic questions was of course the icing on the cake (sort of speak). Here are some samples:

“I mean you should be playing M16 roles, why take a more you know, a more you know…” as she waived her hands up in the air as though she were searching for a smart comment to conclude her statement. Just for your information Tabitha, M16 and MI-6 totally have two different meanings. 

“What kind of music do you listen to?”  “Oh really, I mean what does your daughter’s think, that’s not cool music?, who has ever heard of those bands, wow, really, come on Clive, we are the same age, I mean”  No we actually don’t know what you mean?

“Why don’t you want to live in LA?, I mean, now that you are big, shouldn’t you move to LA?”  and this question was because, there was no other way to pursue an acting career for a well known actor? was that what she was getting at or she forgot about airplane travel.  

and the list goes on my friends. Then of course, when the mike was turned over to the audience to ask a few questions, the crazies had to get out of hand with nonsense questions. As a result, Ms. Tabitha raised her arm and decided to make the following announcement:

“Everyone or ladies, be careful with your questions, Clive’s wife Sarah Jane is in the audience, let’s give her a hand, oh come on Sarah Jane stand up”

“But Clive, you are a very very attractive man, I mean…”   and  she paused, she had nothing to say past her smart observation. 

“I assume the mustache is for a role you are doing now?” she paused for a reaction knowing very well what the mustache was for, considering she stated a few minutes earlier he was portraying Hemingway in a film they were shooting in the city. 

Should I be this upset, I can’t figure it out. While there, I contemplated walking over to the mike and actually  apologizing to Clive Owen on behalf of Tabitha and all of the San Francisco crazies who put our city to shame. But I decided I wanted to live that night, so I bit my lip instead.

What I truly appreciated was the fact, Mr. Owen remained composed, was reserved, diplomatic and pretty funny throughout the b.s. he was put through for 90minutes in the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco.  The end.

Thank you all for letting me get this off my chest.

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