Arnold Schwarzenegger – In Action Past Governorship

Funny news or not depending on where you are from.  There is news that Mr. “Terminator- exGovernator” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  is planning to be in an action film called “The Last Stand”

If he takes the role, he will play a small-town sheriff who has to capture a drug cartel  leader before he crosses the border to Mexico. The film will be helmed by Korean director Kim Jee-Woon.

In addition, Schwarzenegger is in talks for a film titled “The Tomb” with director Antoine Fuqua. In this film he plays a security expert framed for a crime he didn’t commit (Hasn’t this been done a thousand times already)

Not sure how real the buzz is about both projects or Schwarzenegger for that matter, but I do wonder if he still has an audience in the U.S.?  Once a politician, always a politician or in this case once an actor to politician, always an actor? I guess Clint Eastwood did it (actor-politician-actor), but at least Eastwood is talented. Let’s see what happens.

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