The High Cost Of Living – Movie Pick For 29Apr2011

The buzz is good about this film and although I had my reservations about Zach Braff playing a drug dealer, I decided to see it and recommend it for this weekend movie choices.

The synopsis is: Henry (Zach Braff) is a drug dealer. Nathalie (Isabella Blais) is a married, pregnant woman. One night, their lives cross paths, when Henry makes a wrong turn. So, as Natalie’s life falls apart, Henry decides he wants to become her caregiver. She finds comfort in him without knowing what he is all about. Meanwhile, as he tries desperately to protect and take care of Nahalie, his own life takes a turn for the worst. As Nathalie begins to discover the truth about Henry, she is faced with the decision to either stay or go and if she stays, whether to fight to keep them together.

Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think. Also stay tuned for my film review. Note: The film opened in Canada on 15th April.

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