The Dark Knight Rises – Goes To India

One of the most amazing perks of being in the film business is of course the opportunity to travel to amazing places around the globe. I know that now films can be shot against  a blue or green screen in most cases, but to actually be on location is not only rewarding but also inspiring to any actor.

The latest news of course is that Christopher Nolan is taking a small crew plus Christian Bale to India in order to shoot some of the scenes on location for The Dark Knight Rises. He apparently went to India in December and was contemplating between filming in Jodhpur or Jaipur. He  finally settled on Jodhpur and so the crew will be there the 5th and 6th of May – wow, just two days. Well in this case, the green screen would have probabaly sufficed.

Anyway, I do appreciate Christopher Nolan’s work, but not a fan of Christian Bale and pretty tired of The Dark Knight series. However, if the film was shot entirely in India, then I may just consider seeing it, otherwise, it is a pass for me for sure.  I know I may be alone in this opinion, so be it.

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