Danny Boyle – Trances Film and The London Olympics

My first encounter with Danny Boyle was when I congratulated him after his  win for Slumdog Millioraire in 2009. Since then I have become a fan of his work, even if it’s only been 2 years.

In recent news, he is getting ready to work on his next project, Trances, which revolves around an art heist and at the gang who partakes. The main character suffers a blow to his head and wakes up with an amnesia. Since he is the only one who knows where the paintings are hidden but cannot remember that he knows it, he is questioned and doubted by the very gang he worked with. The gang decides to hire a female hypnotist to see if she can assist in making the man remember.

Since the actors have not yet signed on, we can only mention the buzz about Michael Fassbender who is in talks with Boyle about playing the shady gang leader. Outside of that we haven’t a clue about the rest of the cast.

The interesting thing is that Boyle is also due to direct the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in London 2012, so he plans to film Trances in September and then quickly turn his attention to the Olympics and after that he will finish post-production and release the film in 2013.  Stay tuned.

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