Film Recommend 27MAY11: Tied To A Chair

Outside of the norms and the much anticipated films opening this Memorial Day weekend (US), I decided it was best to steer clear of those overachievers and go for something a little more down to earth. Tied To A Chair is a comedy I am opting for this weekend. Stay tuned.


The frustrated wife of a high-ranking British official abandons her marriage to salvage her stalled-out acting career, and becomes ensnared in a massive terrorist plot after stealing a taxi and discovering the body of a murdered film director. Twenty-five years ago, Naomi Holbroke (Bonnie Loren) abandoned her acting career to get married. Now she’s convinced she made the wrong decision, and she’s determined to make up for it by landing the role of a lifetime. When Naomi crosses paths with has-been cult movie director Billy Rust (Mario Van Peebles) at the Cannes Film Festival, she convinces him to let her read for the part of a character that winds up tied to a chair, despite the fact that the role was written for a much younger actress. Later, upon arriving in New York for her screen test, Naomi winds up stealing a taxi after being robbed by the driver, and races to the loft where the audition is to take place. With the police in hot pursuit, the ambitious actress makes a mad dash for the loft only to find the director’s headless body sprawled across the floor. Now, as Detective Peter Farrell closes in, Naomi rushes to track down the taxi driver who ripped her off and stole dynamite from construction sites around the city. Should Naomi fail, she may take the fall for a pair of crimes she didn’t commit. – Jason Buchanan, Rovi – moviefone

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