Hereafter – Film Potential Gone Wrong – Film Review

Hereafter was a toss up for me when it first came out. Although I am a fan of Matt Damon, I felt this was one film I could actually pass up. But this past week I happen to walk past the “Red Box” at the supermarket and figured what’s a buck? So, I rented the film.

Within minutes I was actually completely engrossed and at the edge of my seat, because the opening scene was a few moments  in the life of a French journalist, vacationing with her lover/boss,  who was caught in the middle of the Tsunami which hit Indonesia in 2004. The dramatic film making made it possible for the viewer to get a glimpse of what a person actually went through during the traumatic events.

So I figured since the film was off to a great start, the rest will hopefully fall into place perfectly. For a few sporadic moments here and there it did. I say this because there were about 2 other scenes which kept me interested and the rest of the time I was hoping more interesting moments would follow, which will then lead into a strong ending.

But that didn’t happen and although the film had potential because  of it’s originality. The story of three individuals, one from the U.S. (Matt Damon), one from France (Cecile de France)  and the other from the U.K. (Frankie/George McLaren) who had experienced death or trauma in their life at one time or another, eventually finding comfort or closure, when their paths cross in an unusual way.

There was a solid synopsis but a faulty chain of events (fillers) which linked the stories in a not so interesting fashion. There were numerous scenes which could have been edited out or cut even shorter and some puzzling ones which complicated the flow rather than compliment the storyline.

In addition this film was not Damon’s best and I am not familiar with Cecile de France’s work. Clint Eastwood helmed the project and I must say, I will give him thumbs up for his efforts as a seasoned director.

Anyway, rent it if you like but be sure that you are sleepy otherwise it would truly be a waste of your time.

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