Jennifer Aniston – The Switch – And It Is A Wrap for 2010

I would have never considered this topic until of course I rented  The Switch (2010) with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman this past weekend. It was then that I realized how uncomfortable Aniston is  portraying a parent  in film or someone trying to have a relationship with a co-star. Not sure what it really is, but I am curious to know if this is a result of her portraying the same character over and over or the fact she has thrown in the towel when it comes to giving the best performance possible. (Come to think of it, was she ever really that good?)

I do have to be fair to her though because I know, Hollywood and 40year old women don’t  mix well together, even if she happens to have the body and the hair of a 20 year old. There aren’t enough or quality roles for women in their 40s. So, Aniston is stuck in the transition  period of her career and believe me her displeasure with it shows on screen.

The question I have is, how can someone like her transition  (I know, my favorite word right now) from the “Rachel” (Friends)  character to a quality actor and keep a healthy career like Meryl Streep has, past her 40s?  I am not sure she will be able to do that and if that is the case, what happens to Aniston ten years from now?

Pssst – I would love to see her portray Barbara Streisand in a movie or a remake of Funny Girl. There I put the buzz out there.

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