Two Sides to Justin Timberlake

You know, I hate to admit the fact, I am a fan of Justin Timberlake, well his music that is. But lately I have been noticing his acting skills and feel that, he has actually come a long way. Soon he will become a well rounder entertainer. (Singer, actor, fashion designer and a restaurant owner) Not sure if he is dabbling in a worthy cause yet but if he does or is, then he is well on his way.

But seriously folks, I must give credit where credit is due. With his latest film, Friends with Benefits (with Mila Kunis), we have seen his comic side and it’s is pretty good.

Soon we will see Justin in a sci-fi thriller titled In Time (with Amanda Seyfield). Currently the film is showing at the San Diego Comic Con.

I am curious to see how he will do in a sci-fi, stay tuned.

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