Hugo – A Martin Scorsese Film in 3D

Hugo, a children’s film directed by Martin Scorsese, is not due out until November 23rd (US) but based on the details and the buzz, I couldn’t wait to mention it right now.

Hugo is the first 3D project Scorsese has embarked on and from what I can see so far, it a pleasant change to his norm (gangster films). Although he has dabbled in musicals, documentaries and a few historical epic films.

Anyway, the story is about a boy who is given a wind-up toy by his father, with a heart shape key in his chest. Before he is able to find out what the wind-up toy is for, Hugo’s father dies and he is left with the quest to solve the mystery.

Very Harry Potter-esque if you ask me but not to fear, I am a fan of his work and actually since I am also a huge fan of all things Paris, I am happy to add this film to my list of things to do on Thanksgiving weekend.

Check out the trailer below

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