Friends WIth Benefits – Film Review

I choose films to see based on several factors. One factor is to compare romantic comedies between classic films and those that are currently being released, it seems almost on a daily basis.

I don’t know if you realize this, but the classic films, for example with Doris Day and Rock Hudson,  were pretty silly but yet very entertaining in a twisted kind of way. The most interesting thing about classics films is the fact,  love making was merely implied and  sex scenes were seldom included or talked about on screen. The entire film was innocent and  pretty much G rated by today’s standards.

Fast forward to the 21st century, more precisely to the last three months, I have seen two films, very similar to one another, about a young man and a young woman, who decide to have a platonic relationship, in a very explicit manner on screen and discuss the process very openly for us to see and feel.

I apologize for the long opening statement(s) but I wanted to explain my rationale for seeing Friends With Benefits. I needed to understand why it was important for director Will Gluck to show and tell his version of a cliche film? and did it work?

My answer is yes it did, the film is a very realistic interpretation of today’s realities and challenges faced by young adults. Whether it be family life, relationships and even staying successful in a very competitive world.  I understand the film is not for everyone and most people assume the target audience is 18-35year olds, but I think if anyone above 40 has kids within the targeted audience age bracket, the film is definitely something worth watching to get an understanding of what is sometimes very difficult for parents to understand and relate to.

Overall the film had a sharp script, very funny and entertaining, especially Patricia Clarkson’s character and I do recommend it, especially via Netflix.

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