Carnage – Winslet, Foster, Waltz and Reilly

The film Carnage isn’t due out until mid December 2011, but I am having a bit of trouble refraining myself from mentioning it here. When I discovered they had released a teaser trailer, I just knew I had to talk about  it.

Carnage, the film is based on adaptation of  a stage play by Yazmina Reza. The story is about a couple who invite the parents of a child, who bullied their child in the same school. The entire story takes place in the apartment of the victim’s home and through much deliberation, discussion and laughter, the four come to terms with the fact they have so much in common.

Now Roman Polanski is behind the film version of the stage play and he of course very wisely chose the most perfect cast to carry out his vision: Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz portray the parents of the bully and Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly portray the victim’s parents.

The film opens December 15th in the US so pleas  mark your calendar, even if the synopsis doesn’t interest you, the collection of some of the most talented actors under one roof should.

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