Drive – Film Review

I normally choose to see suspense films with someone, because I hate what my imagination does to me. But I decided to suck it up and see Drive, without a Chaperon and after walking out of the theatre, I realized I should have stuck to my first instinct about seeing it with someone.

Anyway, Drive, is a pretty original and over the top creative film by director Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhala Rising). I think he used every technique possible to make the film and pieced it well enough together to keep the audience interested, or maybe just me.

The film has alot of hype and in my opinion, it is probably and only because of Ryan Gosling’s performance, although, it was nothing out of the norm, I just think his performance will stick through the award season and perhaps be mentioned somewhere here and there. Don’t get me wrong he is a super talented actor; however, this film was simply an introduction of what he is capable of doing on screen. He does however remind me of young DeNiro or Pacino and I am happy that finally there is young talent in Hollywood worth spending a few bucks on.

Carey Mulligan, although talented as well, is starting to worry me. Her performance is very standard and her character feels copy/pasted from one film to the next, leaving nothing to aw about.

Notice, I hardly spoke about the film, well that’s because outside of a bundle of film making techniques used to compile the story, the film was just not anything to brag about. See it if you like otherwise, scroll to the next one.

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