The Shining – A Sequel with Stephen King

Not that I care much, but apparently there is a sequel in the works for the film, The Shining. The sequel is being conjured up by Stephen King and it is based on the young physic son in The Shining, Danny, who, 30 years later is working with mentally-ill patients by using his physic powers to heal them. However, while he maintains a low profile at home and at work, he is confronted by “physic sucking” vampires.

What! seriously, well maybe, if King is able to use his creative talent to make it all worth while. But I still can’t help ask, why is this a sequel?  Why can’t it just be a film about a physic who deals with physic sucking vampires?  Yes folks, a good old fashioned LOL is in order here.

No information has been released about the film release date or plans on production, so, if you want to, stay tuned otherwise, turn the page.

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