Atlas Shrugged – Film Review

Back in high school, when I mentioned to my counselor I wanted to be in the banking business, she suggested I take economics.  So I did and with it my teacher asked that we read the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I read the book and at the time was so bored with it, because I hated books about the future, that I actually decided I wanted to get into the arts instead and shifted gears accordingly.

Fast forward to 2011 and the news about the film Atlas Shrugged. When I first heard about it, I though I was imagining the title of the film, so I ignored it, even though it was in the back of my mind to see it. You with me so far?

Well, I finally saw it and to my surprise I actually sat through the entire film without once blinking an eye and enjoyed it down to the very last second. Now, mind you, there were mixed reviews about the film  not living up to it’s expectations, and then there were reviews it wasn’t an accurate recollection of the book and whether or not there needs to be part 2.

I say there should be a part 2, even though part 1 only attracted a small audience. Perhaps only those,  like me, who may have read the book in school at one point or another and wanted to see how they could interpret the contents years later.

I do have to warn you however, it was very difficult to place the genre, since it actually touched up on every category possible: Romance, dark, drama, sci fi, mystery, thriller.  What I appreciated the most about the film was the fact it felt as though I were reading a comic book. The sharp conversation, the edgy comments, no over the top reactions, partially shadowed images of the characters,  an almost transparent set with strong colors only when director, Paul Johansson, needed to make an impact with the scene.  I completely fell in love with his film making techniques and hope he helms no 2 as well.

Anyway, I babbled long enough, please see it, especially if you intend to see part 2, which won’t make sense if you don’t see part 1.

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